Everything is Ours
Colt Coeur

"Katya Campbell is hilarious"
New York Magazine

"Katya Campbell is the greatest asset."
New Yorker

"A terrific deadpan performance by Katya Campbell"
NY Post

Fish Eye
Colt Coeur

"So well done. These guys have chops."
The New York Times

"Katya Campbell is heartbreakingly earnest... extremely likeable and richly nuanced."

"This toothsome foursome looks like a casting director's dream."
New York Magazine

How To Make Friends
and Then Kill Them
Rattlestick Theatre Company

"Katya Campbell, as the beautiful Ada, is... gung-ho and very good."
New York Times

"Katya Campbell is compelling and hypnotic"
NY Theatre Now

Colt Coeur

"a superb Katya Campbell"
The New York Times

"Katya Campbell - sexy, tragic, funny, excellent."
New York Magazine