• "Ms. Campbell certainly exudes her own short of appropriate glamour, and she milks Ben's punch lines for all they are worth... the actresses make you forget you're watching two women play these macho guys."

    -Dallas Morning News

  • "Campbell breaks your heart... tender and fully relatable... she commands the stage."

  • "So well done. These guys have chops."

    -The New York Times

    "Katya Campbell is heartbreakingly earnest... extremely likeable and richly nuanced."


  • "Katya Campbell is hilarious"

    -New York Magazine

    "Katya Campbell is the greatest asset."

    -New Yorker

    "A terrific deadpan performance by Katya Campbell"

    -NY Post

  • "There is honest-to-goodness believable chemistry between her and Scott (Ned) which carries the show."


  • "Campbell has an angular face made for brooding which works so well for Nan, but she comes alive in the second act as the Southern free-spirit Lina."


  • "The acting is superb...Katya Campbell shows every promise of a fine career.  Her face is the mirror of her thoughts and she has exquisite timing."


  • "a superb Katya Campbell"

    -The New York Times

    "Katya Campbell - sexy, tragic, funny, excellent."

    -New York Magazine

  • "Campbell wisely grounds [Lina] in flirtacious charm... and conveys her messy inner dynamics with gorgeously subtle emotional tones."

    -The Fort Worth Weekly

  • "This toothsome foursome looks like a casting director's dream."

    -New York Magazine